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Bonus Pack
| Expansion for LittleOne

Genre : Various (selection of presets from commercial expansions)

Number of Presets : Undefined (new presets will be added over time)

Description : Bonus Pack expansion for LittleOne is a selection of presets carefully chosen from all the commercial expansions released by Xhun Audio for LittleOne synthesizer. More and more presets will be added over time among with the release of new commercial expansions. The entire library can be downloaded for free. As all the other expansions, it is compatible with LittleOne version 3.0 or above.

Big Steps
| Expansion for LittleOne

Genre : Electronic, Sequenced, Trancegated

Number of Presets : 125

Description : Big Steps expansion for LittleOne is a collection of ready-to-use sequences and phrases, covering a wide variety of musical styles : Techno/Trance, Electronica, 70's and 80's Disco, 90's Dance, Ambient and more. Use the built-in Sequencer and Trancegate patterns for studio compositions or live performances, or just use the presets as standard patches, adding an invasion of sounds to LittleOne's arsenal.

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